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how to play piano chords youtube Do you live anywhere near a college or university with a music program?If so, they often have upper level undergrads and grad students as well as professors who offer lessons to high school students. Also, you can check out lessons via Skype – there are a number of good teachers who teach online – successfully. Check out our article “Planning to Major in Jazz” for more about going to school for jazz and stay tuned to a new article about careers in jazz, coming soon. Also, seriously consider a summer music program where you can really advance your skills. See our Summer Music Camps and Programs page. We’ll be adding some new summer jazz programs this month. I am a sophomore in high school. I only play the violin. I have played it for 6 years with one year of private lessons. My only orchestral experience is my high school full orchestra and string orchestra. Thing is, I in a way “gave lessons” to my violinist friend everyday after school freshman year and realized I really enjoyed teaching music.

You may feel discouraged if you have just started, and think that you will not be able to learn.

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